Why YNPN-LR Matters

By Payton Christenberry


The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Little Rock has been a fantastic resource.

Being able to meet people with a similar perspective and discuss the many different challenges and opportunities facing the nonprofit world has helped me bring new ideas to my work. Every nonprofit is unique, but we all have to solve varied problems in unique ways. Learning different ways to approach those problems is invaluable. I live and work near Conway, so having a group that meets regularly so close by is very convenient.  
Beyond having a great community of folks to learn from and learn with, YNPN brings in people with differing expertise for their Coffee with an Expert series. From storytelling to strategic planning and all topics in between, the series is a fantastic way to meet an expert in their field in a very casual and laid back atmosphere. This means you can not only learn front then in broad strokes like at a conference of keynote address, but also ask questions specific to your work over a cup of coffee. That level of access to so many experts on so many different topics wouldn't be possible without my YNPN membership.
YNPN is a great community and fits perfectly with what I needed: a network of professional peers and a chance to learn from the best. 

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